The master electrical engineering company is a specialist for

Energy cable assembly, measuring technology and VLF testing technology for

Energy suppliers, industrial companies and Feeder regenerative energies.

Energiekabel Kabelmontage Messtechnik VLF-Prüftechnik

We would like to introduce you to our company here.

The company AMT is divided into the following divisions:

  • As a master electrical engineering company, we offer all services related to energy, telecommunications and broadband cable assembly,  station construction and Maintenance work also for energy suppliers, industrial companies and suppliers of renewable energies. From expert assembly to testing. From fault location to troubleshooting. For old and new cable technologies and their transitions.
  • Cable measurement: VLF test 0.1 Hz to German BGV A3 · DIN VDE 0276, sheath fault test, fault location, cable location
  • Building Technic for: (Home, Craft, Industrial Power, Repair, Lighting, Network, Communication, Sat.) only Regional
  • Electrician emergency service 24 h Tel .: 06151 144040only Regional Postcode D-64…(60-69/55)
  • In the transport sector, we also offer special transports with „excess length“ – also for utilities for the pipe, cable and lighting sector

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